Elements and Atoms Apps

  • AtomsHD - (Free)
  • Atoms: A Periodic Table of Elements
  • Atoms in Action
  • Atoms in Motion
  • Chemist
  • ChemistryBrothers - ($0.99) Fun game. Kids love it. Teaches while being fun.
  • Chemistry Game HD 
  • ChemLab- ($0.99)
  • The Elements - ($13.99) Expensive but one of the best apps I own.Very interactive and the kids love it.
  • Elements in Action
  • EleMints by Mochi Development ($4.99)
  • EMD: Periodic Table of Elements
  • K12 Periodic Table of Elements
  • Molecules
  • MoleculeKit - ($3.99)
  • MolsEdit&Drill - ($3.99) 
  • NovaElements - (FREE) Interactive periodic table. Great atom building app.
  • Oresome Elements
  • Periodic table of Elements HD
  • sMoleBuilder by Song Hyunsub ($7.99)

 **If you do not see a review of the program or item, please email me your questions or thoughts. All apps and items on this blog have been tested by me and I am happy to share my opinions.

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