Lab Apps and General Science

  • Bill Nye
  • Blueprint3D HD by FDG Entertainment ($2.99)
  • Go React
  • Interactive Science Dictionary
  • iPlanScience Labs
  • IQ Pro - by Vybir (FREE) Very interesting.
  • iZenGarden - by Random Ideas ($4.99) Teachers need these apps too. 
  • Journies of Invention
  • Just Science by Novim Group (FREE)
  • LabTimer by 0x0c (FREE)
  • Magnify
  • Mr. D's Science Club by The Content Canning Company (FREE)
  • Next Gen Science Standards
  • Recordium by Pichak Co. ($4.99)
  • Science 360 by NSF (FREE)
  • Science and Engineering Indicators
  • Science Friday
  • Science Glossery
  • Science Museum Word Search
  • Science Sidekick
  • Science VL by Visionlearning (FREE)
  • STEMstack
  • Stephen Hawking
  • The Magic of Reality
  • Timer with Sections
  • TocaLab
  • Tricks of Science by Go!Electra ($1.99)
  • Universal Zoom by Gamify It ($1.99)
  • VideoScience by Object Enterprise (FREE)
  • Weird But True by National Geographic (FREE)
 **If you do not see a review of the program or item, please email me your questions or thoughts. All apps and items on this blog have been tested by me and I am happy to share my opinions.

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